Friday, August 27, 2004

Be Loud, Be Proud! Free The Cape Town 1!

The arrest of Sir Mark Thatcher gives our friend here no pleasure. I too feel only sadness at the probable downfall of this worthy and useful citizen. Mrs Thatch today flies back ; let us join her mission of mercy.
We are DISTRESSED that he faces extradition to Equatorial Guinea, where the DEATH PENALTY is still meted out to wrongdoers. Let us march on the South African Embassy, with Lord Archer and Jim "Nick-Nick" Davidson in our vanguard, and demand the instant release of this wronged and innocent man, whose only crimes are to be A British Citizen and Son of Thatch! Let us all pull together and speak as one, echoing the Roman slaves in "Spartacus": "I am Sir Mark Thatcher!". Demand Justice for the "Cape Town 1"!


Vicus Scurra said...

Not a good idea. They will know it's a ruse, because the real Marky Baby would get lost on the way.

zoe said...

we could give 'marky baby' a map.

Haddocktwat said...

Son of Thatch graduates form milk snatching.

Your Pal