Thursday, September 02, 2004

Back To School

Those three words used to give me the creeps. You'd see them almost as soon as the Summer Holiday had started; in Woolworths, in clothes shops, in W H Smith. As September drew near, a kind of low-level depression would enfold me, making a mockery of the wild enthusiasm with which I had greeted the end of the previous term.
6 weeks! All gone! Gloom and despair! New school year. New bullies, new teachers, new maths to fail.
Our kids went back to school today. I saw little gloom, no despair, no fear of failure or bullying. I'm not saying anyone was actively looking forward to going back - but compared to my memories, they went back with a song in their heart.


Anonymous said...

Glad they didn't have too many issues about going back to school. I, too, remember being a very bitter child at the end of my summers. (I had the same math related anxiety too.)

On an unrelated note: Your wife's wasp accident sounds potentially painful. Hope it wasn't.

JonnyB said...

Bet the teachers were shitting themselves, though...

Boggins said...

Thanks Debbie - it was painful but not dangerous. She looked a bit like a Simpsons character for a few days.

JB: fear and trembling, yes!