Monday, September 20, 2004

What larks, eh Pip?

I was up and down the M1 between Junctions 5 and 10 several times this weekend in our big red car. If you were one of the many motorists amused by the childrens' "waving game" then please accept their apologies because they are very very sorry and won't do it again.

Our 4th anniversary dinner party was a more low-key affair than in previous years, but very pleasant. Let there be many many more.


Vicus Scurra said...

I want to know:
What is "the waving game"? Full details required.
What right do you have to attempt to prevent it?
Can I join in? I will send a travel itinerary if that would help.
And, just to introduce a spot of pedantry, you will be able to have more anniversaries (I hope), but you will not be able to have many many more 4th anniversaries.

Boggins said...

Dear Mr Scurra,
The "waving game" is simple but almost infinitely hilarious. Simply wave & gurn at drivers and passengers in cars around you. Award points for the reaction, if any. If no reaction, do it some more. In my dreary killjoy parenty way I said it was dangerous and that it should stop. I lied when I said anyone was sorry or had promised not to do it again. That was Wishful Thinking.
We've got some previous to take into account as well...
Pedantry: We will continue having 4th anniversaries for as long as we like. Next year will be our 4th Anniversary(2). Thank you for you concern.:}

Lost said...

Could be worse than the yellow car game - honest. Mine STILL play an enchanting game called "punchbuggies" which involves Volkswagon Beetles. Anyone who spots said Beetle must yell out "Punchbuggie *insert colour of car here*" and then punch whoever is closest on the arm just below the shoulder. I have had to explain MANY times that punching me in the shoulder while I am driving is a BAD idea.