Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sentimental twaddle.

There will be Those Among You - pardon me once more while I populate an Imaginary Readership with readers beyond the legendary Trellis - I repeat, there will be those among you who visit us, even upon recommendation, in search of Swiftian aperçus & tales of Roadway Ironmongery, and who will RECOIL from today's actual offering, a sentimental tale of a dog, and a picturesque injury thereto.
A dog, moreover, not named, as are proper dogs, Towser, Bonzo or even Fido but LILY, forsooth, an auburn (ginger) Cocker Spaniel.
Last Sunday, this idiot dog, spurning the acres of woodland and park around her, approached and crossed at high speed a busy road. Delighted with her success, she turned around and came back.
This time she was struck by a blue People Carrier like this one.
She was lucky. Both her back legs were hurt, but neither proved to be broken, goodness knows how.
I am now some £320 out of pocket as a result, but our gratitude for her light let-off makes that seem cheap(ish).
Before and after pix here(There is no blood to be seen, ladies).

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