Thursday, December 14, 2006

The office Christmas drinkies

"Ooh thanks , oh gosh, I don't know... you're very kind. I think I'll have a sherry please if that's all right David. Oh, sweet: no, medium. Thank you".
"Ooh are you sure? Thank you. Have they got Tia Maria? Oh good, a Tia Maria then please. Oh no, better not, after one of those I'm anybody's!! Errrrm, can I have a dry white wine instead please? Sorry! Oh I don't know. Do they have South African? I had South African at my friend's house. Really nice it was, I was surprised. No, changed my mind, I'll have a Bailey's. After all it is Christmas!!"
"Pint of Fosters please Dave. Oh. Kronenbourg then. Cheers."
"Pint of Fosters please. Oh. Dunno then; Carslberg?
"Am I too late? Are you sure? You're very kind. I'll have a G & T please then, though I shouldn't. A large one? Well, I shouldn't. I'll be asleep this afternoon!! All right then, if you're sure. Thanks! Yes please, just a slice."
"She's gone to the ladies. I think she normally has cider. Better wait. "

"Perhaps you should serve this gentleman while we're waiting."

Ta Dave.

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betty said...

I feel as though I've been catapulted back to a party from a 1980's sitcom (except for the slightly more current reference to South African wine).

I was here a couple of days ago and there was an exciting neo-rustic template. Or was I imagining things?