Friday, January 26, 2007

Gone Away

We're massupping off to Fez tomorrow for a week. There's no bloody chance I'm going to photoblog from there at those rates, so here's a picture of Battersea Dogs' Home to be going on with.

While I'm away, why not be a "virtual Boggins"? I like these things at the moment, and in the spirit of proper blogs, I will share them with you: just add the love of a beautiful woman and you can be just like me.

  • Here is an internet radio station that rocks wonderfully.
  • Here is the book I just finished reading.
  • Here's the kind of music that's on my MP3 at the moment. It doesn't sound a bit like the radio station above, which may or may not tell you something.

1 comment:

Vicus Scurra said...

Haven't been keeping up with you of late. I am deeply ashamed and will add you to my daily feeds forthwith. Expect to feel a slight bite in the region of your left ankle.