Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Not worth buying, really

Some extracts from the Restrictive Covenants on my new house:

2. THE Purchaser will not erect on the said piece
of land any public house beerhouse or house for the
sale of intoxicating liquors or club house where intoxicating
liquors are sold or distributed amongst members or permit
any building to be used for any such purpose or for the
carrying on of any trade or business other than that of a
Solicitor Physician or Surgeon.

4. THE Purchaser will not erect or allow to be erected or
placed upon the said piece of land any hut shed caravan
house on wheels or other chattel intended to be used as
a dwelling or sleeping apartment nor any advertisement
hoarding booth show swing or roundabout.

7. THE purchaser shall within three calendar months from
the date hereof erect a good and sufficient close boarded
fence not less than five feet high along the side or sides
of the said piece or parcel of land hereby conveyed as are
marked 'T' on the said plan and if the Purchaser fail to
erect any such fence within three calendar months from the
date hereof then the Vendor shall have the power to erect
every such fence which ought to have been erected by the
Purchaser or cause the same to be erected and shall be
repaid by or may recover from the Purchaser the cost
of erecting the same. No fence shall be painted or tarred
with any black colouring or tar.

8. PROVIDED always that if any erection or thing shall be
erected upon the said piece of land in contravention of
any of the said covenants the Vendor may break fences and
forcibly enter into the said piece of land and remove such
erection or thing and shall not be responsible for the
safe keeping of anything so removed or for the loss thereof
or any damage thereto.

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